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Neil Rumney, sixonetwo

"Addison Print ... we can highly recommend both their expertise in design, print and their professionalism"

"Having used Addison Print's design partner services for some time now, we can highly recommend both their expertise in design, print and in their professionalism.


They understood our original logo design brief perfectly and absolutely nailed the result. We were so impressed, we asked them to design all our brand logos, packaging and stationery to the same high standard. 


We have since formed a regular working relationship with Addison Print's design partner's and they are core to our business in terms of design and marketing materials, assisting us in everything from design concepts to publishing monthly dealer newsletters.


Their work has proven to be a sound return on investment in terms of our corporate image, and is always delivered on time and to the very highest standard."


Addison Print provides the following to sixonetwo ltd:

  • Stationary
    Addison Print's Design Partner's conceptualised and designed the full brand identity for sixonetwo ltd. As an innovative and forward thinking company, sixonetwo demands the highest quality both from the design offering and print services concerned. Addison and it's partners consistently deliver on both counts making a sound ROI on all projects. Contact Addison Printto discuss design & implementation of your brand.
  • Branded Leaflets
    Addison Print's design partner was tasked with creating a set of catalogues for all sixonetwo wheel brands. Each catalogue would define the image of the said brand and appeal to it's target market. The result has been extremely successfull for each brand and continues to be used as a benchmark for follow-on collateral. Contact Addison Print to discuss the design & print of your catalogues.
  • Packaging
    Addison Print's design partners continuously conceptualise and develop eye-catching solutions for sixonetwo's wheel brands. This box design creatively made use of multiple sides to increase the brand impact when boxes are stacked - doubling the exposure when compared to competitor brands! Contact Addison Print to discuss your packaging design & print.
  • Newsletter Design
    Through Addison Print's design partners, a vibrant newsletter than would be sent monthly to sixonetwo's clients was developed. This includes company news and new product and stock information. In order to produce the visual content for this publication, extensive use of 3D visualisation is applied. Timelines are always tight on such a publication and Addison Print continues to deliver in as short as a 5 hour turn around! Contact Addison Print to discuss your newsletter design & print.
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