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Gary Lovelock, Graphic Designer

"Addison Print ...feel like a member of our marketing team and I cannot recommend them enough"

Addison Print not only supply us with a very high quality product but also a fantastic customer support service. Addison will make us aware of any issues when inspecting the supplied artwork so that it can be rectified before they print it. An example of this would be when we was about to release our new general catalogue. The in-house printed proofs looked fine as did the onscreen artwork, however Adam from Addison noticed that one of the logos was not printing crisply when running our proofs. He immediately phoned us to make us aware so that we could re supply the affected pages.


They are also happy to give advice if we are unsure of any of the print preparation I.e bleed, crop marks, file type. This was especially useful when preparing some artwork for vehicle graphics as I was inexperienced with the procedures and was expertly advised as to how it should all be supplied. They have also been very helpful when preparing artwork for very large exhibition stand banners and ensured that we got the very best image quality when enlarged to such a big scale.


It is comforting to know that you can rely on Addison to deliver a great product as well as being there as a helping hand if the need arises. They feel like a member of our marketing team and I cannot recommend them enough.

Gary Lovelock, Graphic Designer


Addison Print provided the following to Impact Products:

  • Stationary
    Addison Print's Design Partner's conceptualised and designed the full brand identity for sixonetwo ltd. As an innovative and forward thinking company, sixonetwo demands the highest quality both from the design offering and print services concerned. Addison and it's partners consistently deliver on both counts making a sound ROI on all projects. Contact Addison Printto discuss design & implementation of your brand.
  • Branded Leaflets
    Addison Print's design partner was tasked with creating a set of catalogues for all sixonetwo wheel brands. Each catalogue would define the image of the said brand and appeal to it's target market. The result has been extremely successfull for each brand and continues to be used as a benchmark for follow-on collateral. Contact Addison Print to discuss the design & print of your catalogues.
  • Packaging
    Addison Print's design partners continuously conceptualise and develop eye-catching solutions for sixonetwo's wheel brands. This box design creatively made use of multiple sides to increase the brand impact when boxes are stacked - doubling the exposure when compared to competitor brands! Contact Addison Print to discuss your packaging design & print.
  • Newsletter Design
    Through Addison Print's design partners, a vibrant newsletter than would be sent monthly to sixonetwo's clients was developed. This includes company news and new product and stock information. In order to produce the visual content for this publication, extensive use of 3D visualisation is applied. Timelines are always tight on such a publication and Addison Print continues to deliver in as short as a 5 hour turn around! Contact Addison Print to discuss your newsletter design & print.
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